2014: Bus Depot, Richmond, VA

The city of Richmond, VA was allowing artists to freely create murals at a retired bus depot. I was one of the artists elected to contribute for the event. I executed this large scale work with my hand-cut cardboard stencils.

Approx. size: 72" x 84"
2016: Paradox Pastry, Charlottesville, VA

This work was the first hand-painted mural I accomplished. It was the largest and first photo-realistic image I had ever painted. Painting on a porous cement wall proved somewhat challenging. It was completed in three months.

Approx. size: 72" x 54"
2016: The Local Restaurant, Charlottesville, VA

The largest private fine-dining spot in Charlottesville, VA, recruited me soon after my splash on the art scene in town after seeing what I had made for Paradox Pastry. Trusting in my talent, they asked me to formulate an image with birds, negative space, and a circle. I brought them a wonderfully energetic and mesmerizing scene of birds soaring out from a colorful design infused circle. I recognize this work as my first real “Eclecticism" painting.

Approx. size: 84" x 84"
2016: Foytik RSVP Handcrafted, Charlottesville, VA

My talented friend Daniel Foytik of Foytik RSVP Handcrafted employed me to compose a mural of him working to adorn his store in Charlottesville, VA. I shot photos of Daniel sitting with a $1,000 alligator skin and an old school leather craftsman tool. Both of us placed our minds of aesthetics together and developed this clean contemporary fashion image. I revisited my first love of 'black and white' in this mural. I find this mural timeless in its elegant simplicity. 

Approx. size: 84" x 36"
2016: Contraline, Inc., Charlottesville, VA

Another friend and patron of the arts in Charlottesville, VA is Kevin Eisenfrats of Contraline, Inc,. Kevin came to me for a mural that would convey the message of his business and be inviting to his employees and clients everyday.  The scene exhibits two lovers, hands clasped enjoying a beautiful sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Approx. size: 72" x 120"
2018: North American Sake Brewery, Charlottesville, VA

The co-founder of North American Sake Brewery, Jeremy Goldstein, reached out to me about a mural opportunity in April of 2018. They expressed to me what they wanted to present to their patrons and I set to work for them. This mural is energetic and eclectic in its composition. The black background gives it a mature essence of seriousness about their love for their product while the asymmetrical design and flowing colors imbue their fun and creative enthusiasm while crafting and creating unique flavors.

Approx. size: 180" x 144"
Saint Augustine, FL, USA

No images of any artwork may be reproduced or downloaded without the express written permission of the artist. All artworks by Jack Graves III are copyright protected under © John P. Graves III.
2024: The Cady Club, Jacksonville, FL

In January, a good friend and patron of mine, George Saoud, commissioned me to paint the logo for his latest new business, a social club called The Cady Club in San Marco, Jacksonville, FL. The logo design was created by a close friend of George and his wife, Brittany McBride Kincaid. Painted in three colors, the mural rest on the left side of the building, its North wall. The flowers are Hibiscus flowers.

Approx. size: 360" x 144"